Iron Maiden are one of the greatest metal bands of all time, and among the best live bands of any genre. In honor of these metal icons, we’ve put together these 11 Unforgettable Moments from Iron Maiden’s legendary career.

That Dennis Stratton could really rip on guitar, couldn’t he? Wait, you’ve never heard of Dennis Stratton? He was only in Iron Maiden for a year, but the old school fans know how good the dude was. Stratton played on Iron Maiden’s debut album and you can see him shred on an early performance of “Sanctuary” in our compilation.

Bruce Dickinson sure didn’t appreciate meeting one of his biggest fans, Mullet Man, but we sure loved it! Mullet Man is a character on a British TV show, where he annoys people with incredible accuracy. After meeting Bruce, he proudly proclaimed Maiden to be his “third favorite band” behind Saxon and Aerosmith. After telling Bruce the tale of how he lost a testicle at an Iron Maiden show, Mullet Man screamed at Dickinson to sign his breast, which the vocalist not-so-politely declined.

We made sure to give each of Iron Maiden’s six current members a little attention in this clip, shining a spotlight on Dave Murray and Adrian Smith’s powerful soloing in “Powerslave.” As for Janick Gers, we included footage of Bruce Dickinson giving the guitarist a pie in the face for his birthday.

Check out these 11 Unforgettable Iron Maiden Moments in the Loud List above! For Iron Maiden’s full run of North American tour dates, click here.

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