Late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain had many sides to his personality. Many may be more familiar with his wild stage presence and gritty vocals, while others have paid more attention to his lifestyle choices and death at age 27. These are all large facets of the man who captivated '90s youth, but Kurt was also a loving father with a charming and comedic perceptive.

In this Loud List, we begin with Nirvana's legendary headlining performance at the 1992 Reading Festival. Rumors spread throughout the festival crowd that Cobain was too ill to perform. Hearing of this, Cobain chose to prank the massive audience by being brought onto the stage with a wheelchair wearing a hospital gown and ridiculous old woman wig. Kurt even collapsed onstage before kicking into "Breed."

Further into our video, you'll see Cobain's penchant for onstage destruction, even battling bassist Krist Novoselic in a sword fight of guitars. You'll also bare witness to a few interviews with Cobain which you may have never seen before, including one where Cobain finally comes clean about the gravity of his heroin addiction. Recorded in 1994, Kurt Cobain would be dead only months later.

Check out 13 Unforgettable Kurt Cobain Moments in the video above.

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