3 Inches of Blood are among the acts saluting the late Ronnie James Dio this week on the two-year anniversary of his tragic death with their new lyric video for 'Look Out.'

The clip kicks off with blistering guitar and drums as the camera zooms in on the top of a mountain where a likeness of Dio is overlooking a fiery pit. The pit then serves as the backdrop for the lyrics that pop up throughout the clip.

Singer Cam Pipes says, "It was hard to find the right words for a song honoring Ronnie James Dio, but I hope it is regarded as a fitting tribute to a legendary figure. His impact on the metal community will last forever, and though he may have been small in stature, his contribution to the music scene is larger than most will ever achieve."

Pipes does a good job of representing for the rock icon, with his vocals soaring right up into the vocal range that Dio was known for. 'Look Out' is featured on 3 Inches of Blood's latest album, 'Long Live Heavy Metal,' and follows their recent video for 'Metal Woman.'

The group is currently on the road in Europe, but will return to the U.S. in June for shows with Municipal Waste and Black Tusk.

Watch 3 Inches of Blood's Lyric Video for 'Look Out'

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