Alien Ant Farm are gearing up for the release of their fifth studio album ‘Always and Forever’ due out later this year. We caught up with frontman Dryden Mitchell to talk about touring, topping 'TRL' back in the day, the longevity of the band, the new album (available for pre-order at PledgeMusic) and more. Check out our interview with Alien Ant Farm singer Dryden Mitchell below:

What do you enjoy doing the night before a big tour?

I didn’t really prepare that much for this one. I like hanging with my dogs and I have a daughter now so being with her I like doing at any time. There was no ritualistic thing per say except knowing that you’re not going to sleep in your bed for a while and just sit there and enjoy it.

I remember just jumping around my living room when you or Korn or bands that belonged to the more alternative or heavier genres topped MTV's 'TRL.'

[Laughs] Cool, yeah bands that probably shouldn’t even be on 'TRL.' We had a little bit of pop-ability too. I remember Terry [Corso] and I [were on] when I think Puff Daddy was hosting one of the weeks. That was fun because we were kind of there half hosting it with him, it was just surreal to be there.

It’s been damn near 20 years for Alien Ant Farm. What does that mean to you?

It’s weird to think of it in those terms, I don’t really think of it in those terms. We just grew up playing music. I never thought I would stop, it’s been good. There’s definitely richer -- not financially -- just richer times and so much going on in a shorter period of time. In hindsight, I’m like, “How did we do that?,” but those were great times, too.

What can fans expect from this new forthcoming album ‘Always and Forever’?

It’s all over the place, it’s kind of schizophrenic. I don’t mind listening to music where it’s not really any style. Ant Farm kind of grew up, there’s this weird jazz, metal kind of thing. It’s a little scattered. As far as writing, I like to write fictional, I very rarely delve into a personal experience. It’s weird, later on I go, “Oh my gosh, this is happening to me now and I wrote this five years ago.” I don’t throw my personal stuff on the table. I try to get witty and some of it does have this heartfelt feeling but it’s more imaginative, I think, for me.

With all of this touring, what is one non-electronic thing you must have on tour with you?

Probably dental floss? One non-electronic thing…my masturbator, right here [raises right hand] this is the “Masturbator 3000.” Do you want to high five it?

[Writer’s Note: I didn’t high five him, I left him hanging. Pun fully intended.]

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