It’s time to round up unforgettable moments from the ‘Liar’ of Slipknot — percussionist and backing vocalist Chris Fehn.

Chris Fehn is one of the true daredevil members of Slipknot. Along with Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan, Fehn is often lifted 20-30 feet into the air while he rides Slipknot’s custom percussion setup. Fehn has been in the group since 1998, and to those who know him best, Fehn has a punishing guttural to complement the vocals of Corey Taylor.

Apart from the Slipknot chaos, Chris Fehn likes to unwind by playing a little golf. The dude even has custom Slipknot covers for his golf clubs. In this Loud List, you’ll see footage of Fehn hitting the greens and describing how golf helps balance his dynamic existence.

After the passing of bassist Paul Gray, Chris Fehn delivered one of the more emotional addresses at Slipknot’s memorial press conference. You’ll see Fehn pay his respects to Gray in this compilation.

Fehn also adorns himself with custom marching band percussion contraptions to jam alongside Clown during “The Blister Exists” at live shows. It isn’t 100-percent reliable, sadly, which you’ll see for yourselves in this Loud List.

Check out these 7 Unforgettable Chris Fehn Slipknot Moments in the clip above and watch more Slipknot Loud Lists below!

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