We continue our series of Loud Lists on all nine classic Slipknot members with this video dedicated to #7 — Mick Thomson.

One of Slipknot’s longest tenured members, Thomson has held down Slipknot’s guitar section for a total of 20 years. With his towering presence and long black hair, Mick Thomson is one of Slipknot’s most physically intimidating members, also boasting one of the group’s most terrifying masks.

In these Unforgettable Mick Thomson Moments, we show one of the very few official video interviews with the guitarist, as he usually prefers to remain private and somewhat secluded. He speaks about the physical toll performing with Slipknot has taken on his body and jokes about how his fondness for masturbation has lessened his desire to kill people.

In a compilation of Mick Thomson Moments, we couldn’t leave out the incredible guitar cam Thomson attached to his headstock for Slipknot’s 2002 Disasterpieces DVD. The footage captures the entire neck and body of Thomson’s axe throughout the show and this piece was taken from “People = S—t.” Another intense moment comes from the first time Slipknot played Italy. During the band’s pre-show huddle, Thomson convulsed like a possessed man, letting out a deep scream which towered over his bandmates.

Check out these 7 Unforgettable Mick Thomson Slipknot Moments and be sure to stay tuned for more Slipknot moments coming this entire week!

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