Here’s one of the Slipknot Loud Lists you’ve all been waiting for! In honor of late Slipknot bassist, original member and creative leader, Paul Gray, we’ve compiled 9 Unforgettable Moments for the masked visionary.

Paul Gray’s number in Slipknot was 2, but we've come up with nine of Gray’s unforgettable moments, as Gray was instrumental in creating the nine-man wrecking crew that would go on to take over the world of metal. Gray formed Slipknot with Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan in 1995, finding a wealth of talent which would go on to become one of the 21st century’s definitive musical acts.

With his left-handed bass, ever-evolving pig mask and signature hunched-over stage presence, Gray was beloved by his bandmates and fans. He was a man who had literally given the shirt off his back to a fan in need, as you’ll hear Gray speak about in this video compilation. You’ll also hear about his musical beginnings and how Gray’s flair for onstage theatrics was inspired by acts like Alice Cooper and KISS.

You’ll find plenty of performance footage in this Loud List as well, including a guest appearance onstage with Korn to jam “Blind” with the nu-metal leaders. Paul Gray also shows fans how to play the most difficult portion of “Surfacing” during a jam session with Stone Sour’s Roy Mayorga.

Check out these 9 Unforgettable Paul Gray Slipknot Moments in the video above and watch more Slipknot Loud Lists below!

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