When the World Becomes Undone, the forthcoming third album from alt-goth outfit A Pale Horse Named Death, won't be here until next year, but you can dip your toes in the murky waters with the album's first song, "Love the Ones You Hate," below, premiering here at Loudwire.

Drenched in gloomy overtones, there's a slight upbeat quality to this track, which straddles the realms of goth rock and alternative metal. They come away with equal influence from bands like Malaise and The Mission as well as late '90s Paradise Lost and, of course, some nods to Type O Negative as A Pale Horse Named Death feature both of Type O's former drummers.

“'Love the Ones You Hate' is one of my favorite songs. It brings back the early '90s alternative goth metal that inspired us back then," comments vocalist and guitarist Sal Abruscato (ex-Type O Negative, ex-Life of Agony). He adds, "The song is about moving on from friends that have intentionally hurt or betray you and it’s time to forget them, let go of the grudge and the hate towards them. I wrote this song at my home in upstate New York and finally had the fuel to finish the lyrics this past year."

Rounding out Abruscato in A Pale Horse Named Death are Eddie Heedles (guitar), Joe Taylor (guitar, ex-Doro), Eric Morgan (bass), and Johnny Kelly (drums, Danzig, ex-Type O Negative).

When the World Becomes Undone arrives on Jan. 18. Pre-orders can be placed here and you can check out the album art and track listing below along with a brief interview with Abruscato. To stay up with everything the band is doing, follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

"It's our signature combination of seemingly depressing and dark musical tones with unexpectedly pretty melodies," Abruscato said, previewing the record. "There's a hypnotic phenomenon that happens when you take super heavy riffs and add a harmonic sensibility. It allows you to drift off and zone out."

A Pale Horse Named Death Album Art + Track Listing

Long Branch Records
Long Branch Records

1. As It Begins
2. When the World Becomes Undone
3. Love the Ones You Hate
4. Fell In My Hole
5. Succumbing to the Event Horizon
6. Vultures
7. End of Days
8. The Woods
9. We All Break Down
10. Lay With the Wicked
11. Splinters
12. Dreams of the End
13. Closure

There's a lot of hatred and bitterness in the world today. What was the inspiration behind the message of "Love the Ones You Hate?"

It’s about letting go of rage and hatred towards those who have crossed you. I had some grudges I had to work on letting go and I am still working on them [laughs].

Johnny Kelly is one of the latest additions to the studio lineup and you both played drums in Type O Negative. What's that relationship like?

Johnny has been in the band since the first APHND album. I was at his house for a bbq and I had just finished the demo with Matt Brown and he wanted to hear it, he liked it and said if I needed a drummer he would love to do it. Johnny has done all the APHND tours including double duty when we toured with Danzig for 6 weeks!

Would you consider playing any Type O Negative songs live or even a medley?

I don’t think that would be cool to do out of respect to Peter. I just wouldn't feel okay about it. I’ll play a quick measure of "Black No. 1" as a joke but that’s about it.

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