AC/DC may take their time between albums, but when it comes to the actual work of laying down the music for the disc, they're actually quite proficient and succinct. According to drummer Phil Rudd, the band completed the album rather swiftly.

"It was done in 10 days," Rudd told Australia's Triple M. "I've never played better. I hope it's as good as what I remember back in the studio. It was pretty damn good, so I hope it's as good as I think it is."

The drummer went on to suggest that the album could be a step up from 'Black Ice,' but still wants to hear the final product before making that declaration. However, he did add that he felt that what he had heard so far was "stellar."

The band have been in the studio with Stevie Young, the nephew of ailing guitarist Malcolm Young, who has been handling guitar duties in Malcolm's absence.

Rudd recently showed confidence that the band would not only be touring for the new disc, but continuing on beyond the current album cycle. In a recent interview with Australia's 'Today Show,' Rudd stated, "We'll probably all have to be dead before it stops."

While there's no word as of yet on when AC/DC's album will be released, the drummer has his own solo set called 'Head Job' that arrived earlier this week. To hear Rudd's full Triple M interview, click here.