It has just been revealed that AC/DC singer Brian Johnson will be collaborating with Sting on the Police frontman's first new album in 10 years, 'The Last Ship.' The music featured in 'The Last Ship' will also be used for an upcoming musical of the same name.

Details on how exactly Johnson will contribute to the album is unknown, but a cameo from the AC/DC shrieking singer has been conformed by a publicist, according to Ultimate Classic Rock. Sting has collaborated with musicians John Rogan and Brian Yorkey for the last three years to create 'The Last Ship,' and now Johnson will act as a musical force on the record as well.

"The songs on 'The Last Ship' were written to advance the play’s plot, and so they hew to story-telling needs," reports the New York Times. "The title song is a waltz-time folk tune, heavy with Christian imagery and told in a Northern English dialect. It freights the launching of the last ship from the yard with spiritual significance."

Stay tuned for more news on Brian Johnson's newest collaboration, along with updates on all things AC/DC.