AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd is gearing up for an exciting event: the opening of Phil's Place, a restaurant in Tauranga, New Zealand. The opening will take place later this month and to mark the occasion, he has invited his bandmates to join him for the grand opening. It's customary for rock bands to do "meet and greets" but in this case, it's "eat and greets!"

According to Bay of Plenty Times, the eatery's setting is to die for, as it is situated on the edge of the bridge marina, with views of Mount Maunganui. The skinsman himself oversaw the redesign of the interior. Phil's Place presents itself as a fine-dining establishment with private booths. It offers a surf and turf menu, so if you like steak and seafood, are in New Zealand and happen to be an AC/DC fan, you gotta stop by.

Rudd said, "We have completely re-kitted the inside. I want it to be more than a restaurant - a whole dining experience. I have focused on the visuals, the sound, the smell and of course the taste. Most of all, 'the feel.' It will be a place that will blow your mind."

Rudd selected Tauranga as the location for the restaurant since he has resided there for nearly 30 years. He has a connection to the area and wants the eatery to contribute to the economic sustainability. "I do want to give back to the community, and have plans which I think will really give a boost to the local economy. The restaurant is just the first step," Rudd said.

If all goes well, Rudd is considering opening multiple restaurants and engaging in other endeavors in the area.