Last year, rumors that Ace Frehley would be rejoining KISS intensified after Paul Stanley guested on his Origins, Vol. 1 covers album. They gained more traction recently when it was revealed that the Spaceman and his former KISS bandmate Gene Simmons had teamed up for work on the guitarist's next solo record, but Frehley has swiftly swept this notion aside.

"I can only be honest with you. It's something I haven't pushed and it's something that Paul and Gene haven't brought up to me," said the guitarist when speaking with Eddie Trunk at the end of June (transcription via Blabbermouth). He's not about to start pressing the issue and has decided to "let nature take its course," but "if the fans demand it, it'll probably get to a point where [Simmons and Stanley aren't] going to be able to say 'no.'"

Reiterating a stance he's taken in the past, Frehley continued, "So whatever happens, one way or the other, everybody's going to be fine. But if by chance Paul and Gene decide to bring me back in the fold and do a world tour, I think that could be great too, if it was handled correctly. But I haven't been approached, no. Honestly."

If the talks did heat up, however, Frehley insisted, "Even if I didn't wanna do it, I would do it for the fans, because we owe it to them." Keeping on the theme of fan demand, the six stringer commented on the business-savvy side of KISS, stating there's a "motive" behind what the band does and that Simmons and Stanley are "driven by money" and that "they'll be the first to admit it."

Offering up a scenario where the reunion could theoretically take place, Frehley said it will happen "when promoters call up [KISS manager] Doc McGhee and Paul and Gene and offer them multimillion-dollar figures. It's all about money — you know that and I know that. So if a promoter calls up Doc McGhee and says, 'We'll give you 200 million dollars and do a six-month tour,' I'm going to get a phone call. If that doesn't happen, I may not. Who knows? But, like I said, either way, everybody's going be fine."

Frehley also spoke about his aforementioned collaborative efforts with Simmons on the follow-up to Origins, Vol. 1, noting that the two wrote a pair of songs in just three hours and that they had a "fantastic time." As for the writing process, the Spaceman said Simmons "actually came up with more ideas" and that he "just kind of complemented them."

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