Ready for some Spanish sludge? It's time you learn about Adrift, who have just announced their third full length, Pure. They've teamed up with Loudwire to bring you the first preview of their record with the sprawling nearly nine-minute title track.

Adrift's brand of sludge is less about bludgeoning, cement-cracking riffs and more about paranoid hypnosis, realized through thick walls of rolling riffs and steady, spacious drumming. Fans of Neurosis, Graves at Sea, Indian and Minsk - take note.

"'Pure' is the title track of the new album and a great overview of what the record is about," comments the band. "It is a statement about the corruption of the purest things in life. An eight-minute journey throughout intensity and darkness in which we try to defend the only trace of purity around us."

Listen to "Pure" below.

Pure will be released on May 31 through Temple of Torturous Records and pre-orders can be placed here as well as here. Follow Adrift on Facebook to keep up with everything they're doing and scope out the album art and track listing for their new record below.

Adrift, 'Pure' Artwork + Track Listing

Temple of Torturous Records
Temple of Torturous Records

1. "Pure" (8:40)
2. "Mist" (5:47)
3. "Confluence of Fire" (11:20)
4. "Embers" (8:23)
5. "The Call" (8:45)
6. "The Tired Walk of Death" (9:02)

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