We've seen AFI's Davey Havok donning black onstage, but you won't see him wearing leather. In fact, the rocker isn't wearing much of anything for a new ad campaign for PETA. The singer appears naked in a new advertisement with his bare body only obstructed by the message, "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Leather. Rock the skin you were born in. Let animals keep theirs."

The vocalist goes on to discuss his involvement in the campaign in the video above, explaining, "I was raised on rock 'n' roll, like many people, and the leather jacket was a part of that culture. But no article of clothing, feeling of confidence, or otherness is worth the torture or the murder of an innocent creature."

He also delves into the environmental impact of producing leather, which includes massive carbon emissions of cattle and the toxic tannery chemicals that pollute water supplies. "If you are wearing leather while not eating animals, you're still contributing to the destruction of … the ecosphere," says the singer, who goes on to discuss the horrifying variety of leather industries out there. "You don't know which animal died to make your shoes or your belt," says Havok. "You … could very well be wearing dog leather or cat leather, and that's horrifying."

Havok has had a longtime association with PETA and he joins a growing list of musicians who have promoted kindness toward animals. To learn more about PETA and their efforts, click here.

Meanwhile, you can look for a clothed Havok returning to the music scene in 2017 as AFI recently announced a Jan. 20 street date for their new album, AFI (The Blood Album), which features the songs "Snow Cats" and "White Offerings." Stay tuned for more info on AFI in the new year.

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