After 10 years of silence, Akercocke are back with a new album. Renaissance in Extremis is scheduled to come out Aug. 25, but you can hear the opening track, “Disappear,” right now.

Akercocke were arguably at their highest point in 2007 when they released their fifth studio album, Antichrist. Getting mainstream attention, for various reasons, in their native England, Akercocke kept their name on metalheads’ tongues until the band’s breakup in 2012. In 2016, however, Akercocke roared back with a surprise reunion, releasing the song “Inner Sanctum” last April. Fans didn’t get the 2016 album release many were expecting, but the sixth full-length from Akercocke has now been confirmed for 2017.

“Akercocke are proud and privileged to be returning to Peaceville Records this year for our new album, our first release for ten years,” says drummer David Gray. “Peaceville unleashed the band on the wider metal community and were responsible for laying the foundations of our two-decade history. Therefore, it is wholly appropriate that they assist us once again in our mission to pursue quality progressive death metal to the masses!”

“Disappear” is a heavy seven minutes from Akercocke, delivering the forceful guttural vocals that were absent from “Inner Sanctum.” The progressive song has awesome guitar work throughout, including some inventive soloing near the track’s conclusion. “‘Disappear’ gives a summary insight of all that follows on Renaissance in Extremis,” says frontman Jason Mendonca. “It contains all of the classic Akercocke hallmarks, yet aptly represents the band's development in intent, style and delivery.”

Take a listen to “Disappear” in the player above. Fans can now pre-order Renaissance in Extremis in digital, CD and vinyl formats via Peaceville Records.

Akercocke, Renaissance in Extremis Album Artwork


Akercocke, Renaissance in Extremis Track Listing:

1. Disappear
2. Unbound by Sin
3. Insentience
4. First to Leave the Funeral
5. Familiar Ghosts
6. A Final Glance Back Before Departing
7. One Chapter Closing for Another to Begin
8. Inner Sanctum
9. A Particularly Cold September

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