While 2019 was notable for Alexisonfire, making their return musically after a long hiatus, it also was a very difficult year for the band's guitarist Wade MacNeil. The musician just opened up via his Twitter account, revealing he spent time in rehab back in January while being treated for addiction issues and depression.

MacNeil started a string of tweets by posting a photo of himself aboard a flight with a drink in his hand and an anguished squint on his face with the caption, "Drunk. Miserable. Depressed. August 4, 2019."

From there, MacNeil revealed the reason behind the photo, making public his personal battles with addiction issues and depression.

"The day after the Alexis tour ended in January I went to rehab," stated MacNeil. "I’ve struggled with addiction issues and depression for a long time. I’ve never spoken about it in any public way because I felt guilty and ashamed."

He continued, "Not being able to control that aspect of my life caused so much pain and sadness. Last year was hell. But, the last few months in treatment have been a life changing experience. I was finally able to look at all the things I’d been stuffing down and numbing out for years."

"I feel ok in my own skin for maybe the first time in my life," MacNeil added about his current status. "I woke up happy this morning. IT’S FUCKED. I wanted to share this because I’ve got some hope now and I haven’t had that for a very long time. Seems like we all could use a little more hope in these weird times. So, I thought it’s time to get real with everybody. 'There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.' Love, Wade."

Alexisonfire reunited in 2015 after taking a break in 2012. They finally returned to releasing music last year with the arrival of the songs "Familiar Drugs" and "Complicit."

In addition to Alexisonfire, MacNeil has played with Gallows and founded the punk band Black Lungs.

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