Alice in Chains fans were recently treated to a new lyric video for 'Stone,' but now the official clip for the track has been released (watch below). The video itself finds the band playing amidst the rock formations of the desert, with various indigenous people attempting to move some of the rich rock from the area.

However, no matter whether it's baskets, carts, or just the good old fashioned "push" method, each of the participants run into their own challenges removing the rock from its natural habitat, with one being smart enough to move on from the challenge before it got the better of him.

Loudwire recently spoke with Alice in Chains, and singer-guitarist Jerry Cantrell told us about the Roboshobo-directed 'Stone' video prior to its release. "The video turned out really cool," said Cantrell. "Robo did that, as well as 'Hollow,' so it'll be interesting to see that. It's coming together really well … It's a cool tune and the video, even though it was tough to shoot, it turned out pretty cool. Robo's a really great guy to work with and it'll be interesting to see how people react to that, as well."

'Stone' is the second release off of Alice in Chains' forthcoming 'The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here' album. The disc is due May 28 and can currently be pre-ordered via iTunes here. Check out the 'Stone' video below and stay tuned for more form our conversation with Alice in Chains.

Watch Alice in Chains' 'Stone' Video