Alien Weaponry, the New Zealand group of teenagers with a warrior heart, spirit and sound are about to drop their debut album , but first they've teamed with Loudwire to present this battle-ready video for "Kai Tangata."

It's a rhythmically driven track, heavy on tribal elements which will draw inevitable comparison to Sepultura and their game-changing album, Roots. Alien Weaponry are far from imitation though and find their sound in trench-widening grooves accented by gang chants and honey-throated clean singing.

The video is a thrill-seeking one where warrior tribes battle, using rifles and wooden weaponry. If you're one for action flicks, this one will be hard to turn away from.

"Some people might find it a bit grisly,” says singer and lead guitarist Lewis de Jong. “But it’s stuff that actually happened and nobody ever talks about it. We’re not saying it’s right or wrong, it’s just a part of our history.” This track refers to "nga tohu a Tūmatauenga," the symbols of Tūmatauenga – the Māori god of war," and its from here where the band derives the album's name.

“Quite a few of the songs on the album are about battles or conflict,” says drummer Henry de Jong, who was also responsible for the lyrics of "Kai Tangata. " He continues, "So we thought it was appropriate to name the album after Tūmatauenga. Tū also means to stand strong and proud, to stand for something; which we think is important as a band and as people.”

will be out June 1 on Napalm Records and pre-orders can be placed here. Follow Alien Weaponry on Facebook to keep up with everything the band is doing.

Alien Weaponry,  Artwork + Track Listing

Napalm Records
Napalm Records

01. Whaikorero
02. Rū Ana Te Whenua
03. Holding My Breath
04. Raupatu
05. Kai Tangata
06. Rage - It Takes Over Again
07. The Things That You Know (Bonus Track)
08. Whispers
09. PC Bro
10. Urutaa
11. Nobody Here
12. Te Ara
13. Hypocrite (Bonus Track)

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