Tech-death enforcers Allegaeon have just released their fifth album, the dazzling Apoptosis. It's focal point is less on senseless guitar theatrics, gravitating toward hook-laden melodies even when they've engaged hyper-shred mode. Lyrically, it's a scientific one and when singer Riley McShane and guitarist Greg Burgess swung by the Loudwire studio, they explained the sort of musical rebirth of the band and dropped some knowledge on all of us.

"I feel like going into it when I was writing a lot of the lyrics and stuff and I was trying to mull over what kind of theme to go with for this record. There was definitely that whole death leading to new and better life kind of thing. We had just gone through another lineup change..." McShane explained about the revised approach to songwriting.

Apoptosis has a pervasive feeling of worldwide annihilation ("Stellar Tidal Disruption") and this is where McShane, who went to school for biochemistry, gets deep explaining black holes and the concept of spaghettification, which, yes, is a real (and scientific) thing.

Getting less scientific and more into issues plaguing everyday society, "The Secular Age" deals with the age of disinformation. So we ask, is the Internet good or bad in the long run?

For your answers, watch the interview in the video above and don't forget to check out the insanely catchy Apoptosis. Get your copy at the Metal Blade webstore and follow Allegaeon on Facebook to stay up to date with everything they're doing.

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