Allegaeon's fifth album, Apoptosis, is almost upon us. The melodic tech-death unit offered up the first taste with the lead single "Stellar Tidal Disruption" and now they've unleashed another track, "Extremophiles (B)," which can be heard above.

The track is a six-minute progressive suite that never gets over-indulgent, despite the winding arrangement, barrage of texturized melodic leads and frantic bass work. Allegaeon toggle between blast-charged passages and more groove-centric elements that keep the momentum moving forward.

"Musically, Brandon [Michael] brings a huge new dimension," vocalist Riley McShane said of the band's new bassist. "He has this wide breadth of music knowledge and stylistic proficiency that he draws from with excellent taste, and this makes a lot of the songs on Apoptosis come to life."

"On this record, I was more open to new ideas that we might not have used in past," added guitarist Michael Stancel. "Rather than deleting something because 'it's not Allegaeon-y enough', I would take a step back and see if that idea fit the song and decide if it was worth keeping. With that mentality came some of my favorite songs, because I was less worried about if it fit into our old sound."

Apoptosis will come out on April 19 through Metal Blade. Pre-order the album here.

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