Allegaeon recently announced that bassist Corey Archuleta was leaving the group, due in part to the fact that the musician was making a career change and had enrolled in law school. But also part of the reason for making the jump was the difficulty in making a living, something that has been brought to more light with the band launching a Patreon campaign in order to continue their career.

In a posting at the campaign site, the band explains, "As many of you may or may not know, being in a touring band can be very, very expensive and many bands that make it to the touring level of their careers don't last very long after that. Between the costs of travel and maintenance on our touring vehicle alone, much of the money that is made on tour is immediately spent on staying afloat from day to day and this leaves the band little to nothing in the bank after the tour is done. This is a huge problem for us as people who have to eject ourselves from real life responsibilities (aka. rent, bills, food) for sometimes months at a time so that we can take our music on the road and bring it to you in a live setting. While we love doing so, the financial repercussions are very real and very pertinent to the survival of bands today."

The band says they've reached a tipping point where something has to change, leaving them with the option of calling it quits or continuing to make music and touring with some financial assistance. They explain that while they appreciate the support for the fans who have come to shows and purchased music, a lot of that income goes to the industry folks who help distribute and market their music internationally, leaving the band with little left to support themselves.

In between tours, Brandon Park has worked as a farmer, Greg Burgess is a music teacher and the band's other three members often take on part-time jobs, which don't offer much stability long-term. As such, the band has started their Patreon campaign to help further their career where fans can pledge to donate certain amounts of money.

"Ultimately, our goal is to meet the average U.S income of $51,939/yr. for each member, which totals to $21,637/month," state the group. "With 105k+ followers on Facebook alone, if a mere 4.77% of that audience donated a meager $5.00/mo. to Allegaeon, we would exceed that goal by about $3,405 per month, giving us more than enough left over to throw right back at you in the form of exclusive content, face-to-face hangouts, pizza deliveries, and so much more. But we'll get to rewards in a second, for now let's spin a little bit of perspective on that little ol' monthly subscription fee."

With each tier of subscription, fans get more intriguing rewards. You can receive things as simple as a customized "Thank You" email all the way up to VIP backstage and soundcheck privileges and monthly video and phone chats. Check out the full list of reward options and learn more about the campaign at this location.

The band concludes, "Without each and every one of you, this band wouldn't even exist. You are the reason that Allegaeon has been able to make music for the better part of this last decade and you are the reason that this campaign is so important. Through Patreon, every one of you is given the opportunity to send support to Allegaeon directly without having to worry about how much of that money is going to outside expenses that the band will never see the benefits of. As much as you have grown to love our music, we have grown to love the experiences and opportunities that each one of you has provided for us. There is no accurate expression for us to tell you how much we appreciate the support of all of our fans, but we're hoping, desperately, that through this Patreon we can work together to continue to create music and tour the world all while staying afloat and reciprocating to each of you, as best we can, the love and support that you have given us for so many years."