Amon Amarth are set to release Jomsviking, the 10th album of their 20-plus year career, on March 25 through Metal Blade in North America and Sony Music internationally. The record is the first ever-concept album in the band's history and they've shared a bit of the story with the music video for the infectious "At Dawn's First Light."

Jomsviking tells a tale of conflict and revenge with "At Dawn's First Light" serving as one of the most enthralling portions of the narrative, especially from a visual standpoint. The music video depicts a battle scene set in ninth to 10th century Slavic settlement as a harrowing fight breaks out at sun-up. Armed with medieval weaponry, arrows fly in the beginning of the video, leading to a full-scale battle with the members of Amon Amarth caught in the middle.

Johan Hegg delivers his signature gutturals as axes grind and maces clash to the melody-driven track. Bursting with Iron Maiden inspired lead playing, a sense of triumph is in there air, at least for one side. As the video progresses, the members become bloodied and are struck with arrows, though they dodge taking sides until the end. Hegg fends off an assailant as guitars truly earn the nickname of 'axe' and are used as weapons, smashing into shields and bodies. Hegg delivers a death blow with a real axe at the end as blood spurts out from the bottom of the screen, making for one hellacious video.

What makes this video even more impressive is that it features modern days vikings! The Triglav Jomsburg East Storm warriors took part in the filming and were led by the fight director Igor Gorewicz. The video itself was produced by Rafal Szermanowkicz of Grupa 13 and directed by Darek Szermanowicz, who has also worked with Behemoth.

Amon Amarth will be offering fans a unique preview at Jomsviking leading up to the album's release. A campaign has been launched at the group's website where fans can take a look at a digital picture book. Leading up to March 24, one track will be revealed each day with a 30-second preview along with lyrics and booklet images.

To pre-order Jomsviking, click here.

In support of the new album, Amon Amarth will be touring North America with Entombed A.D. and Exmortus, starting April 7. For a full list of dates, head to our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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