It's been nearly 20 years since Anaal Nathrakh formed and ever since, the band's duo of V.I.T.R.I.O.L. and Irrumator have crafted heaving slabs of industrialized hell-grind. They've now arrived at their 10th album, A New Kind of Horror, out Sept. 28, and have debuted the caustic first single, "Forward!," heard above.

Here, Anaal Nathrakh's industrial leanings extend their furthest with warped bass swells and machine gun samples. While the band have always utilized programmed drums in the studio, it's on "Forward!" that they're more beat-focused than blast-centric, aiding the glitchy, stuttering rhythmic punches.

"This is not a happy album. It is bitter, vengeful, sarcastic, sardonic, violent, terrified and horrified — terrifying and horrifying in equal measure. Above all, it is human, and all that that entails. It's as sincere as we could make it," says vocalist Dave Hunt, who assumes the alias V.I.T.R.I.O.L. in Anaal Nathrakh. "There's a lot that goes into our albums, of course," he continues, "but it all comes about as a natural result of who we are, and for A New Kind of Horror we felt early on that it was clearly its own thing. It doesn't have to stand in comparison with anything because to us it's in a class of its own."

A New Kind of Horror will be released through Metal Blade Records and you can pre-order your copy of the album here.

Anaal Nathrakh, A New Kind of Horror Artwork + Track Listing

Metal Blade
Metal Blade

1. The Road To...
2. Obscene as Cancer
3. The Reek of Fear
4. Forward!
5. New Bethlehem/Mass Death Futures
6. The Apocalypse Is About You!
7. Vi Coactus
8. Mother of Satan
9. The Horrid Strife
10. Are We Fit for Glory Yet? (The War to End Nothing)

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