Andrew W.K. has offered up some interesting relationship advice to a girl who wrote into his a weekly Ask Andrew W.K. column for the Village Voice. The young woman who signed the note ‘Sick of Negative Vibes’ asks W.K. how to "rescue" her boyfriend, who is a heavy metal fan.

The anonymous woman writes that she has no personal issues with her boyfriend of two years personally, but has a “problem with his music.” Saying his is “into pretty aggressive stuff” and how his music tastes are “truly evil.” She adds that she doesn’t “want this stuff corrupting my boyfriend and making him change from the loving, positive person he is.” She adds that she went as far as threatening to stop coming to his house, which didn't work, and even removed “some of the albums from his room,” which -- of course -- caused the metal fan to "freak out." She concludes by asking Andrew W.K. for help, saying, “I'm hoping you can give me some advice. How do I rescue my boyfriend and our relationship from these negative influences?”

The 'Party God' came to the rescue by defending heavy metal music and ripping the woman, writing, “You know what the biggest negative vibe is in this situation? You. Trying to make your boyfriend give up the music he enjoys -- that is true negativity.” The rocker added, “Please don't give your boyfriend a hard time about the music he loves. Just love him and be glad he has music in his life that brings him joy.” He continued, “You can bring him joy too, or you can be a force that takes his joy away. It would probably be filled with his resentment for you, and more anger and disharmony than his ‘evil’ music ever brought into your relationship in the first place.”

Andrew concluded by saying, “Your intentions may feel noble and justified, but they're only going to cause harm. Too much damage in this world is caused by people trying to 'remove' what they don't like from existence. I hope you put your energy into adding joy to the world. And please don't ever again try to take away someone's music.”

You can read the Andrew's entire response here.

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