It’s been a decade since we were introduced to the party animal known as Andrew W.K and his debut album, ‘I Get Wet.’ Andrew W.K. has teamed up with Century Media records to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the disc with a special re-issue edition, due out on July 17.

Andrew shared his excitement about the re-release of his debut album. “It gives me great pride and pleasure to confirm that Century Media is the destined home for our special edition of 'I Get Wet'. It also gives me proof that dreams not only come true, but that they make dreams into real power.”

He continues, ”Never in a million zillion years would I have imagined that the black wizards would use their cosmic keys to create a time for my humble musical dreams. The moon may be frozen, but its cold light is brighter than ever. Let my album's release and all our collective efforts help shine an even brighter light on all of humanity, and to further prove that the manifestation is not just underway; it is complete."

Matt Polen, Century Media’s Director of Marketing adds, "When we heard Andrew W.K. was looking for a partner for this release, we jumped at the chance to team up. I think I speak for the whole company when I say it's a dream for us to work with him."

‘I Get Wet’ is responsible for some of our favorite drunken party anthems such as 'Party Hard,' 'Party Til You Puke' and 'She Is Beautiful.' Andrew W.K. is partying hard throughout North America with his ‘I Get Wet’ headlining tour, with his set including every track from his debut disc.

Andrew W.K.'s 'I Get Wet' re-issue will be released on June 17. For a full list of the rocker's dates and cities, click here.