A few weeks ago, Stone Temple Pilots' unreleased attempt at a music video for their 2010 single 'Cinnamon' made its way to the Internet. Now, an alternate clip featuring trippy animation, a desert and a lonely Scott Weiland has surfaced -- see it below.

Stone Temple Pilots released the third single from their self-titled comeback album in September 2010. 'Cinnamon' featured Weiland, in full-on David Bowie mode, over a bubbly Beatles-esque groove with touches of STP's signature alt-rock magic. The band attempted to produce a music video for the single on two separate occasions, both of which garnered results the band was ultimately unhappy with and an official video for 'Cinnamon' was never released.

A few weeks back, one version of the video surfaced on YouTube and while the clip was not without its high points, it also had its fair share of awkwardness. Images of a sleep-singing Scott Weiland on a pile of passed out ladies is not exactly a great PR move given his history of substance abuse. The clip was eventually pulled from YouTube due to copyright issues.

Now we open a new chapter in 'The Book of Things Never Meant to Be' with another video for 'Cinnamon.' The clip features Scott Weiland wandering the desert aimlessly in black & white before psychedelic colors pour in to illuminate the bleak surroundings. The video, directed by Dennis Roberts, ends up playing more like a long-form gum commercial than a true music video.

Let's hope Stone Temple Pilots have better creative luck with their next album, which is currently in the works, as is a tour commemorating the 20th birthday of their breakthrough debut album 'Core.'

Watch Stone Temple Pilots' Unreleased 'Cinnamon' Music Video