He's back! Ten Second Songs YouTube favorite Anthony Vincent has heard your request and he's kicking off 2020 covering Disturbed's "Down With the Sickness" in 20 different styles.

Vincent has shown himself to be a man of many different voices, able to adapt on the fly, but how will he adapt to one of rock's most powerful voices? First off, he flips Disturbed's script by making "Down With the Sickness" an Anthony duet, doubling his vocal while performing a portion as Simon & Garfunkel, who Disturbed famously covered.

For rock and metal fans, you'll find Anthony bringing additional edge to the song belting as Metallica, Faith No More and Strapping Young Lad (but who saw that Beethoven segue coming out of Strapping Young Lad?). The singer also has his finger on the pulse of rising rock and metal, choosing to cover the song in the styles of upstarts Scarlxrd, Yungblud and The Hu (with the latter actually featuring some English throat singing).

Elsewhere, Vincent may have provided an unintentional tribute after the news of Neil Peart's death, covering the song in the style of Rush. You'll also find him doing takes as '70s soul singer Bill Withers, the gruff-voiced reggae dancehall legend Buju Banton and the disco era pop favorites Earth, Wind and Fire.

The self-effacing singer then laughs afterward, “Do you believe that shit? Do you believe that one man can fail at so many styles?” As with many of his videos, the song choice was a challenge. If you want to see him take on additional songs in multiple styles, visit his Ten Second Songs YouTube channel here.

Watch Anthony Vincent Cover Disturbed’s “Down With the Sickness” in 20 Styles

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