Anthony Vincent is at it again, this time adding a new wrinkle to his "Ten Second Songs" videos. For those unfamiliar, Vincent has become quite adept at taking popular songs and covering them in a variety of styles made popular by other artists, frequently bringing as many as 20 styles to one particular track.

In his latest "Ten Second Songs" video, Vincent reached out to fans to provide lyrics for an original song that he in turn would perform in a variety of styles. The fans were presented with the main chorus of the song, with the remaining lyrics then being generated by fan input.

In the clip above, you can hear the original track "City Streets," with Vincent morphing between some majorly divergent styles. After opening with Prince, the singer brings Maynard James Keenan-like vocals over a backing Tool-like drum patter to the track, before making a sharp turn to the reggae stylings of Bob Marley.

His Motorhead rendition is sandwiched between Miley Cyrus and Stevie Wonder, while Vincent does an admirable job in replicating Alter Bridge's Myles Kennedy, the guttural growl of Cannibal Corpse and the German language style of Rammstein. And finishing off the song with a smile, he even closes by mimicking the movie trailer guy and stating that the song was directed by Michael Bay. And while the song is awesome, Vincent earns extra style points by rocking a Celine Dion t-shirt made to look like it's a metal shirt.

Check out the full video above, and to see more of Anthony Vincent's "Ten Second Songs" projects, check out his YouTube channel.

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