Anthrax drumming legend Charlie Benante is checking in from quarantine to make the perfect cup of cold brew. Dressed like Ferris Bueller, Benante takes us through the creative coffee process with his own batch of beans.

“I know I’m staying home and I hope all of you guys are staying home too,” Benante begins. “The only problem with that is we can’t go out and get our morning coffee, afternoon coffee, evening coffee… so I’m going to show you how to make a really good batch of cold brew with this little recipe.”

For Charlie’s recipe, all you’ll need are some beans, a french press and a grinder. Benante boils some hot water to mix with his coffee grounds, mixing one cup of freshly pulverized beans for every four cups of water. Mix it together really well and leave your creation in the fridge for 24 hours to brew a really strong batch.

Charlie’s way is to wait until the brew is nice and concentrated before pressing the coffee, then add a bit of vanilla and a splash of almond milk. Throw some ice and a gigantic straw into a glass and suck up that cold brew until you’re more buzzed than the Descendents.

Watch Charlie Benante’s quarantine coffee clip below and head over to Dark Matter Coffee’s website to grab a bag of Charlie Benante’s Schism Blend.

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