The Damned Things are a supergroup featuring members of Anthrax, Every Time I Die, Fall Out Boy and now -- Alkaline Trio. The group released their debut album Ironiclast back in 2010 and have since been on a hiatus, until today when they confirmed their return in a Facebook post. The group will also be releasing a new album, High Crimes, in April.

The post offered a picture of the current lineup -- Scott Ian of Anthrax, Andy Hurley and Joe Trohman of Fall Out Boy, Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die and most recently added, Dan Andriano of Alkaline Trio. Volbeat's Rob Caggiano and Every Time I Die's Josh Newton no longer appear to be working with the group.

Trohman told Kerrang! magazine that they were going to put out an EP at first, but ended up with enough material to release a whole album. "Honestly, I've been sitting with the demos for nearly two years, and I still haven't got sick of any of it...I really like all these songs. It's the first time I've listened to a record and found there's not a lot I would change. With making anything, I could tweak it forever, but I think with this one, the mentality was just: go in, write these songs, and when they're done, they're done. Don't overthink anything. Hopefully, by approaching it in a 'Let's make them sound really cool and not tweak them forever' stance, then they would be the rawest possible version. I though the last record was definitely a little flippant in production, and I just wanted to pull back on that," he says.

High Crimes will be released April 26 through Nuclear Blast. The Damned Things are playing their first live show in seven years May 4 at Welcome to Rockville festival followed by another performance on May 11 at Epicenter festival.

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