Rob Caggiano, the lead guitarist for the thrash-masters Anthrax, checked in with Loudwire today (May 20) before the band’s set at this year’s Rock on the Range Festival in Columbus, Ohio.

The topics of conversation included a possible 'Big 4' tour, what Anthrax has in store for Mayhem fest and the details on a the strange story heard earlier this year about frontman Joey Belladonna accidentally getting tackled by security guards at an Anthrax show in L.A. Caggiano fills us in on the details and sets the record straight.

As mentioned, Anthrax will spend most of the summer headlining the second stage of Mayhem Fest, check out all the dates here.

A couple months ago Joey [Belladonna] got tackled at a show, what was the deal with that?

Yeah that was in L.A., this one guy ran up onstage and Joey went to give him a hug just be cool with the kid and these two big f---in’ security guys went to tackle the guy that ran onstage. Joey was attached to him so they both got tackled and Joey actually landed on the bottom so it was a f---ing pile up. It was crazy, it happened right during my solo, I didn’t even see it.

Anthrax has a special set in store for Mayhem Fest, you’re doing that tonight too, right?

Well we’re doing a shorter set tonight than what we’re used to, we’ve been doing headlining shows for the past few months so it’s going to be a shorter set. I don’t know what we’re playing exactly, we didn’t really talk about it yet. The set length is the same today as it’s going to be on Mayhem Fest.

Are you excited about that festival, it’s a pretty good lineup.

Oh yeah, it’s gonna be awesome. It’s gonna be a blast.

You were part of the Big 4, did a couple of shows. Do you think you are ever going to tour together or is that just too much to organize with everybody’s schedule?

I don’t know, you gotta ask Lars [Ulrich] and James [Hetfield]. If they say they want to do it we’ll all be there.

Interview by Tree Riddle.