are hard at work recording a new album with producer Jay Ruston. A few weeks ago they gave fans a peek inside the sessions with photos and video. Now they have released the video 'Anthrax Studio Update: Rhythm Tracks' that you can check out above that gives you a taste of the new music. The album is expected to be released sometime this summer.

In a recent interview, guitarist  talked about working with Ruston on the album. "He´s just got a great ear!" Ian exclaims. "He´s got a great feeling for this music and I think he really understands this band and I don´t even mean just musically, all of us individually, personally and psychologically and really brings out the best in each one of us, as far as people and musicians. He´s a very easy person to be around and it´s just a pleasure to work with him. On top of all that, he´s an amazing engineer and an amazing mixer."

Ian continues, "I think 'Worship Music' hands down, is the best produced, best sounding record we´ve ever made and this one´s only gonna be better, because Jay started with us since the demo stages. He´s been with us through the whole thing, whereas on 'Worship Music' he came in and did some guitars, did all the vocals and then mixed it. This time he's been with us literally since the first demo and he´s just as involved in the music as we are and so far everything just sounds f--king amazing. The rough tracks already sound better than any album we´ve ever made!"

In related news, the 57th Annual Grammy Awards are coming up this weekend, and Anthrax are nominated for Best Metal Performance for the song 'Neon Knights' from the Ronnie James Dio tribute album 'This Is Your Life.'

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