Anthrax guitarist and horror aficionado Scott Ian recently had his head split in two by a chainsaw … tough break, dude. Fortunately for Ian, it was a stunt head, and luckily for us, a camera crew was there to film the entire scene from beginning to bloody end.

As a maniacal fan of all things horror, Ian was able to live out one of his wildest dreams thanks to the people at Fangoria. The third season of 'The Walking Dead,' which Ian once made a cameo in, recently premiered with many zombie-philes finally able to get their fix of undead kills. The premiere episode seemed to pack more of a punch due to visibly less digital carnage, with various members of the living-impaired getting their faces beaten in by blunt objects. In a sense of perfect timing, it's only right that Scott Ian not only follows suit, but tops it completely.

Ian states in the video below that one of his lifelong dreams was to have a cast made of his head. The fine people at Fangoria made Ian's dream come true, as they coated his chrome-dome with alginate, which served as the foundation for creating an incredibly lifelike model of Ian. Unfortunately, Ian didn't live long enough to see the mold, as he was quickly chainsawed by an overalls-wearing hillbilly.

In all seriousness, it's ridiculous how lifelike the skull-splitting looks, with copious amounts of blood jetting from Ian's head cast as the chainsaw does its work. Check out the horror-tastic process of creating a human head from scratch along with the gory playoff.

Watch Scott Ian Get His Head Sawn in Half

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