After a long absence, Anthrax powerfully re-state their rightful claim to a place in thrash metal's "Big Four" with their addictive and propulsive new song 'The Devil You Know.' It's the first official single, and second track released overall, from their highly anticipated album 'Worship Music,' which arrives on Sept. 13.

Let's start with the good stuff: Right off the bat, guitarist Scott Ian unleashes what might be the riff of the year, an undeniable, pulse-quickening part that seems to gain momentum as it folds over on itself again and again. If by any chance you're in both the jogging and headbanging demographics, you've got a new weapon in the war against the dreaded "wall."

They seem to know how good this monster is, too, giving it plenty of space alone with the always awesome drums of Charlie Benante at both the start and end of the song. Check out the way he lets the cymbal ring out after the third go-round of the introduction if you want some idea of how Jedi masters do things.

Of course, we're burying the lead story. Lead vocalist Joey Belladonna returns on an Anthrax record for the first time in more than 20 years, and sounds great. In fact, either we're hearing things through sentimental ears, or his voice has somehow gotten richer over the years. When he trades vocals with his old running mates on the call and response of the surprisingly soaring chorus, it seems like everything's old, familiar, new and exciting again all at once:

"Let the right one in (You've got to go with the devil you know) / It's a god-damn sin (You've got to go with the devil you know)/ I'm ready, ready to begin (You bastards) / So let the right one in / You've got to go with the devil that you know."

Now, the bad stuff: There is no bad stuff, this song rules on all fronts. Here's a little peak into the future, too: We've heard the whole LP and both your eardrums and repeat buttons are gonna be in serious danger when 'Worship Music' hits stores.

Listen to Anthrax, 'The Devil You Know'