Any Given Sin frontman Vic Ritchie joined Loudwire Nights on Tuesday night (Nov. 28) to celebrate the recent release of their debut full-length, War Within and share what's on the horizon for the band.

"We're going out next year," Ritchie told host Chuck Armstrong about Any Given Sin's tour plans for 2024. "We're definitely looking to get to the UK a little bit if we can and definitely another US run. And that [next] album is coming sooner than later. It's not going to be six years for an album this time."

Ritchie started singing with Any Given Sin in 2017 and in those early days of the band, they wrote "Dynamite," which to this day, is one of their biggest and most beloved songs.

And six years later, the song is finding new life on War Within.

"It was the first song we wrote together as a band," he explained about "Dynamite." "It was like 2 a.m. and [guitarist Mike Conner] had this little intro part and I just started doing a melody."

Ritchie admitted the rest came together quickly.

"We wrote it in, like, 45 minutes and then finished it up over the course of the next couple of days ... It's our bread and butter."

Why Vic Ritchie Loves Watching Crobot Perform Live

Along with celebrating War Within, Ritchie also answered some questions that gave fans a peek into his life, like responding to the near-impossible question: What's the best concert you've ever seen?

"Let me think," he said as he considered the question. "I think Crobot has one of the coolest lie shows currently going. They do this theatrical thing and Brandon Yeagley is so fun to watch. I'd say recently, they're one of my favorites."

Ritchie also talked about one of the craziest experiences he's had on the road with Any Given Sin.

"We played an outdoor festival and it was 113 degrees that day," he recalled. "We're running the AC on the bus to the point that it just has no more. We played this show, it was fine, it was great, but then we're going home and we threw pulleys off of our engine just because we had done the AC so hard for so long. We're on the side of the road in 100-degree weather."

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As if the heat wasn't already enough to cause misery for the band, they also started hearing something outside of the bus.

"Sasquatch was yelling," Ritchie said, laughing. "We're convinced it's Sasquatch. It was 21 hours, we're on the side of the road with no AC. That was the worst — and the scariest when Sasquatch came."

What Else Did Any Given Sin's Vic Ritchie Discuss on Loudwire Nights?

  • What he thinks he'd be doing if he wasn't in Any Given Sin
  • How he balances the darkness of life with hope
  • Why the band writes songs in solitude before coming together

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Vic Ritchie joined Loudwire Nights on Tuesday, Nov. 28; the show replays online here, and you can tune in live every weeknight at 7PM ET or on the Loudwire app; you can also see if the show is available on your local radio station and listen to interviews on-demand. Stream War Within at this location and check out Any Given Sin's full tour schedule.

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