Game on! The cosmic psychedelic trio known as Arcadea have built their self-titled album around the concept of a world five billion years into the future where chaos rules and war is being waged amongst the gods and planets. And while the music can definitely help transport you there, the band has yet another entry way into that world -- a new video game.

The group just launched the game in which fans can play as their favorite space warrior -- either Brann Dailor, Core Atoms or Raheem Amlani -- the three members of the band. There's a lot of jumping as you navigate your way through this futuristic world hoping to dodge the cosmic green hands and save the universe from impending doom.

Looking for an escape. This could eat up some hours in your day. So get your keyboard or mouse ready and lead the warrior of your choosing into this adventure at this location.

Arcadea are currently promoting their self-titled debut disc. The album has already yielded the songs "Gas Giant," "Infinite End" and "Magnificent Facade."  You can hear more of the band's music soundtracking the game itself.

If you'd like to pick up Arcadea's debut disc, head over to the Relapse Records store or pick it up via Amazon or iTunes.

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