Phoenix rockers Archetypes Collide have just dropped a new video for their latest single "Above It All."

The video cuts back and forth between the band performing the song in a dark room, and different characters seemingly suffering with various issues. A man is holding a bottle of pills, a woman is leaning over and caressing an empty crib and a couple are holding each other — but the woman is crying.

As the video progresses, these mini-storylines intensify and the characters grow increasingly emotional. However, the empowering tone of the song and the lyrics act as a light at the end of the tunnel.

“I’ve found that life always has a way of pushing back and pulling us into the grey. It’s in these moments we’re given the potential to live it in a negative or positive light. 'Above It All' dives headfirst into that internal struggle to make sense of it all. Through loss, addiction and abuse, it inevitably finds us all and the drawn out process to healing the wounds never comes easy," singer Kyle Pastor told us.

"Sometimes we don’t get to choose the scars we’re given but we do get to choose whether they define us or refine us; whether they pull us down into the grey or fuel the fire to rise above it all.”

Archetypes Collide is comprised of Kyle Pastor (vocals), Tyler Flamm (drums), Brandon Baker (guitar), Jared Knister (guitar) and Ky Sanders (bass).

Check out the video below, and follow along with their other releases on Spotify.

Archetypes Collide - 'Above It All' Single Artwork

Archetypes Collide, 'Above It All'

Archetypes Collide - 'Above It All' Music Video

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