"Meteor," the fourth single from Architects upcoming album For Those That Wish to Exist, has just been released.

Following the release of "Animals," "Black Lungs" and "Dead Butterflies," fans should be able to piece together a reasonable expectation of what the successor to 2018's Holy Hell will sound like, which will bring a total of 15 new tracks to the Architects catalog.

On this latest track, the band drifts from the more extreme elements that play in integral part in their music, and place a stronger emphasis on the shades of melodic rock that offer balance to their typical fits of aggression. Still, there's plenty of tension that permeates "Meteor" despite its chest-beating, anthemic refrains.

"It was time for us to continue to explore as a band and not stand still," singer Sam Carter told Full Metal Jackie in a recent interview regarding the new record.

"Throughout the whole journey of losing Tom [Searle] and Tom being ill, we felt a duty to tell his story," he said, looking back to the last Architects album. "Moving into this one, it just felt like it was time for us to really look after ourselves and as artists as well. We want to create something really special and move in a direction that maybe we weren't brave enough to do on Holy Hell. We worked super hard on this and I think it's an album that Tom would love and it's one that we're all extremely proud of."

Listen to "Meteor" toward the bottom of the page and read the lyrics below.

For Those That Wish to Exist drops on Feb. 26 on Epitaph Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Architects, "Meteor" Lyrics

This should be heavenly, heavenly
Is there no remedy, remedy
‘Cause I’ve been baring blunt teeth
I’m breathing heavily, heavily
I see a legacy, legacy that’s sinking
Oh, it beggars belief

I’m standing beneath the meteor
Disaster’s breaking down my door
I should be moving mountains
The arrow buckles in the bow
They said it’s time to go to war
Yeah, I’ve heard it all before
I should be moving mountains
But I’m like fire in the snow

Bathing in gasoline, gasoline
Living in quarantine, quarantine
It’s colder in the furnace
Nobodies evergreen, evergreen
Stare at the murder scene, murder scene and focus
On nothing but the surface

Another God on the radio
Says we’re stuck in a tailspin
The pilots have vertigo
They’re lost in the undertow
The arrow buckles in the bow

They said we pushed the last domino before the apocalypse
We’ve all got a stone to throw
Why? I will never know
Yeah, we’re like fire in the, a fire in the snow

But I’m like fire in the, a fire in the snow

Architects, "Meteor"

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