Frontman Tim Lambesis and drummer Jordan Mancino of As I Lay Dying were recently the guests on Full Metal Jackie’s radio show. Lambesis and Mancino both talked about talked about this summer's Mayhem Festival, their own headlining tour later this year and their upcoming album 'Awakened.' If you missed Full Metal Jackie’s show, read her interview with Tim Lambesis and Jordan Mancino below:

You guys are obviously going to be on the Mayhem Festival all summer long, you have done such an extensive amount of touring, you’ve done your own tours and big festival tours. Which do you prefer?

Tim Lambesis: I think if we were going to go out and play one show, the festivals are always awesome because it’s the biggest crowd, the most excitement. Even just hanging out it just makes me feel like a fan again when we’re doing long tours I always like the intimacy of being right next to the fans in a club.

Jordan Mancino: I kind of like the festival tours, you don’t have to play a super long set. It’s kind of like just hanging out. It seems more like summer camp than touring.

What could you tell us about the new track ‘Cauterize’?

TL: We wanted to have a track come out that represents what people are familiar with, with As I Lay Dying but it’s one of those things where it really hits you in the face and really grabs your attention and it’s a good initial impression of what the record’s like. I think the record as a whole is much more diverse than that but this is a good way to introduce our fans to the fact that we haven’t slowed down and we’re very excited to play new songs.

Bill Stevenson who produced your new album has an old school punk pedigree from playing with Black Flag and The Descendents. How did that background, inspire you in turn affecting the new music?

JM: I think all of us or at least most of us in the band grew up listening to punk music. I think along with metal and hardcore, it’s another form of aggressive music and I think Bill and us were able to meet each other on that level but he has a very different perspective on music than we do because he’s not really familiar with producing metal bands. It was a cool give and take and create a lot of new ideas and he was able to capture different parts of our performance that we’ve never been able to capture before.

Are there any bands on the Mayhem Festival that you haven’t toured with before that you’re looking forward to checking or maybe getting to know?

TL: Most of the bands on this festival we’ve played with, if we haven’t toured with then we’ve done other festivals with them but I’d say just as a headliner it’s been a long time since we played with Slipknot. To see Slipknot onstage creating the chaos that they create makes the whole festival atmosphere work. It really ties together the legacy – some of the older bands like Slayer, Motorhead some of the younger bands that are even younger than us, their fans are very open minded and they bring a good feeling to the festival.

What can we look forward to beyond the summer for As I Lay Dying?

TL: Well naturally once the record comes out, we’re gonna do our own headlining tours and clubs tours. Like I said earlier the intimacy of coming to see us in a club tour is a little bit different, you get the lighting show and all that stuff. For any fans that learn about us on Mayhem, promise to come back. For anybody that’s waiting to see us on a club tour, it’ll happen.

JM: Oh and the album drops September 25.

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