Ashley Walters, Marilyn Manson's former personal assistant, has filed a lawsuit against the musician for sex discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, interference with the exercise of civil rights in violation of the Bane Act, sexual battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

In a 16-page lawsuit, which can be read in its entirety here (via Deadline), graphic and disturbing situations involving Walters and Manson were described in detail, painting a picture of both physical and verbal abuse by Manson.

The two began working together in 2010 when Manson contacted Walters to comment on her photography and inquire about a future collaboration for "artistic endeavors." Upon Walters initial arrival at Manson's home, which is described as so dark and dim inside that employees of Manson's required the use of flashlights and LED head lamps to navigate, she was instructed to park her car in a lot behind the home.

Walters says she was not aware that the parking lot was apparently locked from 2AM through 7AM.

During the first encounter within the home, Manson initiated a photography shoot with Walters as the subject. He requested her to remove her shirt, which she agreed to despite "the way in which Defendant [Manson] insisted caused her to pause."

The lawsuit notes she kept her bra on during this event and afterward, Manson shoved her onto his bed, pinned her arms and tried to kiss Walters despite her resistance. The lawsuit claims that he then bit her ear and placed her hand inside his underwear.

It's alleged Manson then sent messages to Walters, praising her while expressing interest in working together again while maintaining "professional and appropriate" communication.

At a later time, the lawsuit states that Manson had requested Walters to star in a video shoot. "During the shoot, Defendant told Walters he 'loved when girls looked like they had just been raped' and told her to wear a Nazi jacket, slick her hair with water, put on heavy black eyeliner, and wear slightly smeared red lipstick," the papers read.

Another actor was part of the video shoot and Walters claims she was told to keep only her underwear and the Nazi jacket on before getting into bed for another section of the video.

Walters said she then became aware the actor had unzipped his pants and "was touching his penis under the comforter," to which Manson allegedly advised she "help" the actor, leading her to determine that the situation was either pre-meditated or that Manson was aware of the actor's actions under the sheets as the shoot was unfolding.

It is further alleged that Manson consistently offered Walters to other friends and acquaintances to either grope or initiate other forms of sexual contact with.

The 'Complaint for Damages' section of the lawsuit, which features more than 100 line items, also took note of Manson's penchant for destruction of property, claiming he would regularly destroy furniture in fits of rage and that she often acted in fear of triggering further acts of verbal and physical violence or destruction.

"Defendant regularly unraveled into drug-induced fits of rage toward Plaintiff. During these drug binges, he threw dishes at Walters, threatened to commit suicide, and even pushed her into a wall," alleges the lawsuit.

The next line item claims, "Warner [Marilyn Manson, birth name Brian Warner] also boasted that he had gotten away with raping women."

After singling out two specific incidents from around September and October of 2010, the lawsuit states, "During this period, Defendant first showed plaintiff a video he made depicting a young female fan, which showed Defendant stripping her down and whipping her until she screamed and cried. He also pulled a gun on the girl in the video. Defendant repeatedly played the video for Plaintiff at maximum volume."

Furthermore, the lawsuit adds, "Plaintiff later learned that the girl in the video was an alleged minor at the time the video was made."

Walters also claimed that Manson "also openly spoke about gang affiliations, and his ability to 'destroy lives' and even have peopled killed if he so desired."

Actresses Esmé Bianco and Evan Rachel Wood, both of whom have accused Manson of sexual abuse (Bianco has since levied her own lawsuit) are also noted in the lawsuit where it claims Walters personally witnessed instances of their mistreatment.

It later states, "On one occasion in December 2010, Walters witnessed Defendant throw a prop skull so hard at Wood that it left a large raised welt on her stomach." Walters also said she snuck food and drinks into the guest bathroom for both Bianco and Wood, as they were each afraid to leave the room they had occupied.

During her second stint as Manson's personal assistant, it is alleged, "On several occasions, he forced Plaintiff to stay up for 48 hours straight. She was required to stand for 12 hours straight on a chair without moving while taking pictures of him. Defendant fed her cocaine to force her to stay awake."

Walters' employment was officially severed as of October 2011.

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, resources are available for help. Visit the RAINN website (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network) or dial 800-656-HOPE (800-656-4673).

Timeline of Abuse Allegations Against Marilyn Manson

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