All is well in Asking Alexandria's world. It's been two years since vocalist Danny Worsnop returned to the band, and in a new posting he reveals that he'll continue as their frontman as they start work on a brand new album.

Posting via Instagram, Worsnop writes, "It was two years ago today that we announced my return to @askingalexandria. That time has flown by. It feels like it were yesterday that I walked into the studio with @benjaminpaulbruce and @mattg00d to write what became the most successful record of our career to date."

He continued, "We went out on huge tours with @shinedown, @godsmack, and a co-headliner with @blackveilbrides. We celebrated hit singles with 'Into the Fire' and 'Alone in a Room.' We’ve laughed, we’ve cried and we’ve bled... more importantly, we’ve figured out what’s next."

Worsnop then revealed the big news, stating, "We’re jumping right back in to work on a new album, a new chapter and a new future for @askingalexandria."

The group underwent a contentious split with Worsnop back in January 2015 as he exited the band to focus on We Are Harlot and his solo music. Asking Alexandria moved quickly to find a replacement, calling on Denis Stoff to sing for the group. They issued The Black in March 2016, featuring the songs "I Won't Give In," "Undivided" and "Here I Am." By the fall of 2016, things had soured with Stoff, and Worsnop and guitarist Ben Bruce reconnected, eventually leading to Worsnop's return.

The group eventually released a self-titled album last year with Worsnop. The singer stated in a March 2017 interview that he was "not interested" in becoming a "legal member" of the band again, revealing that with multiple projects that it would just start becoming political and he wanted to have fun with the guys.

"It's better for us that way, 'cause we can, as a group of dudes and as Danny Worsnop and Asking Alexandria, we can respectfully organize things rather than everyone trying to step on each other's toes and everyone trying to be the most important thing. This way, we can just be, like, 'Okay, you're busy then. We're booking stuff here, 'cause you have nothing going on,' and vice versa," said Worsnop at the time.

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