In our ongoing series, "Do-Over," Loudwire speaks with a number of acts about the incidents in their history that stand out as things they'd love to have a second chance to do differently. Sometimes it's an accident, other times it's a regrettable decision and yes, you might even have jail involved, but the crime of "getting in the way" is at the center of Asking Alexandria's "Do-Over" moment.

"If there was just one moment from the career of Asking Alexandria I could take back, if I had to focus on one thing, there's only one obvious answer to that question," singer Danny Worsnop tells us with a smile, while guitarist Ben Bruce is on the same page. Their "Do Over" concerns inviting current guitarist Cameron Liddell to join the band.

Bruce recalls, with tongue planted in cheek, "I'm introduced to a character, a long lanky guy with a huge nose, weird hair, like a walking talking real life caricature. His name is Cameron Liddell and I think, 'Man, I really, really like this guy, but he plays guitar. It's a shame he can't be in the band because we already have two guitarists. You know what, I like this guy so much, I'm going to ask him to join the band anyway.'"

According to Worsnop, that's the moment it all went downhill. "He joins the band, and that's the one thing I'd go back in time and change cause he sucks," says Bruce, with both Asking Alexandria members sharing stories of how Liddell is always getting in the way.

Bruce recalls a moment when he gave Liddell a "nudge" onstage that resulted in a bloody mess. "He falls face first and the headstock of his guitar goes into his head and he gets back onstage and it's just split open and there's blood everywhere. So not only has he gotten in my way, but now he's bleeding on the stage. It gets slippery. I could've broken my neck. I didn't cause I'm not an idiot like Cameron, but it could've happened," says Bruce, while Worsnop adds, "I don't know why, but it was hilarious and sometimes when I'm down, I just think about that moment."

How might things play out differently with no Liddell? Well, there would be more stage lighting for Bruce. Watch as Asking Alexandria's Danny Worsnop and Ben Bruce discuss their "Do-Over" moment in the player above and perhaps start a new hashtag sensation. In the interim, the band members will figure out how to navigate around the guitarist on tour. Dates for their fall run can be found here.

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