The metal world is buzzing about Swedish metal pioneers At the Gates releasing a new album in 2014. After what will be 19 years since At the Gates unleashed the game-changing 'Slaughter of the Soul,' the band's upcoming record 'At War with Reality' will grace us in fall of this year. What should we expect from At the Gates' fifth full-length? Vocalist Tomas Lindberg spoke all about it in a new interview with Decibel.

For those unfamiliar with At the Gates, the band began in death metal territory, but after 'Slaughter of the Soul' was unleashed in 1995, the blueprint for what would become 2000s metalcore was shared with the world. At the Gates went out on a high note, maintaining legendary status in the metal world until this very day. The brightest of spotlights now illuminates 'At War With Reality,' which Lindberg says will sound very different from 'Slaughter of the Soul.'

"This is a very creative album that we are writing right now," Lindberg tells Decibel, it´s not a comfortable 'Slaughter of the Soul Pt. 2' or anything like that, it's an album that I feel is pushing our own boundaries, and challenges our collective creative intellect. And that is the main reason for us to do this, it's for our own sake. We could easily go out and continue touring the old stuff successfully for quite a while, I think, but this is us putting ourselves on the line here, and we do that solely because we feel that we need to do this, this material is too strong to say no to."

Lindberg continues, "I feel the same vibe that I have talked about before, the vibe that existed when we were writing 'Slaughter of the Soul.' We live and breathe this new album, 24/7."

Lindberg delved even deeper into 'At War with Reality,' describing its intent in passionate detail. "This is an album that is so full on conceptually and creatively, so involved and ambitious that I am almost compelled to call it pretentious. And that brings me back to the feeling that was with us when we were creating 'With Fear I Kiss the Burning Darkness.' I’m not saying that this album sounds like that album, but it has that burning urge, the sense of importance that album is trying to portray. As I have always stated, we are an honest band, a band that is very focused on being true to ourselves and never follow any trends or try to portray a given perception of what people want us to be."

For the full interview with At the Gates' Tomas Lindberg, head on over to Decibel.

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