The flames have been simmering for some time, and now the smoke is ready to clear on Attika 7's new 'Darkest Day' video.

The incendiary clip has just been released for the masses with the mix of pummeling and melodic sounds and lyrics playing out against a backdrop of flames, smoke and a darkened landscape being covered in ash.

Attika 7 are currently working on a new studio album, but have decided to get a jump on things by issuing the 'Darkest Day' song and lyric video. Frontman/bassist Evan Seinfeld (Biohazard) and guitarist Rusty Coones have been in the studio and they're currently eyeing a mid-2015 release for the band's next album.

Seinfeld says, "Attika 7 is proud to release 'Darkest Day' to the masses. This is easily our heaviest track to date. We think a lot of people are going to be very surprised about the sound, the energy and the musicianship. We have been working harder than ever to take our music to the next level."

He adds of the track, “This is the ultimate revenge song about the wheel of Karma coming full circle and the hand of fate, whether by our hands or yours delivering some real justice. Too many people think there are no consequences to their actions, and revenge, a dish best served cold, can taste so sweet. When someone has done you wrong, you don’t always get to pay them back and when someone takes something from you, something must be done! The weak will beg for mercy and receive NONE, if Attika 7 has anything to say about it."

Coones comments, “Attika 7 is an alumni of Rockstar Mayhem and Uproar festivals in recent years. After touring season ended in 2013 we took a hiatus. We wanted something new, something different. We didn't know what it was gonna be, but we weren't gonna stop till we found it. We decided to experiment with new sounds and influences. No rules, just strive to develop something epic. These new songs are the beginning of this journey, not the end."

Stay tuned for more coming from Attika 7 in 2015 and look for them on Oct. 26 as part of the Knotfest lineup in San Bernardino, Calif.

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