Attika 7 is a new metal band consisting of former Biohazard singer-bassist Evan Seinfeld along with Tony Campos (SoulflyMinistryStatic-X), famed motorcycle builder Rusty Coones and Dustin Schoenhofer (Walls of Jericho, Bury Your Dead). After releasing the first three Attika 7 teasers, we now exclusively bring you the fourth and final teaser.

"Music saved my life -- more than once, more than twice," says Seinfeld. "Anyone who's ever felt put down, or pushed, and anyone who has ever felt backed into a corner, anyone who has ever been f---ed over by society, by the law, by the cops, by their teacher, their parents… anybody who's just ever been f---ing f---ed around, Attika is kind of like gasoline for revenge or something like that."

Guitarist Rusty Coones goes on to talk about the concept behind the Attika 7 track 'Serial Killer.'

"You know, 'Serial Killer,' if you listen to those lyrics, that's a serial killer talking about what he does," explains Coones. "He doesn't want to do it, he can't help doing it. I'm not saying they're all like that, but that's basically what's up. This is like a sickness and the guy is talking about it. He doesn't want it to happen, but the demons take over."

When it came time to create a video for 'Serial Killer,' the band took a simple and cliched approach at first, but soon, it becomes apparent that there is a much more thoughtful approach -- created to inspire the viewer to think.

Seinfeld explains, "We said, 'What would be better than a video with like, the band, bikes and hot girls?' The story leaves you kind of confused about the ending, it leaves you to decide what you think happens. Did these guys chop these girls up into little pieces and kill them? Or was it all just a dream? Was it in the mind of this serial killer? Or was it in Rusty's mind? Is he a dark conscience? Or did the girls think this up because it was some kind of thing that turned them on?"

Check out the final Attika 7 teaser below and be sure to watch the first, second and third teasers posted exclusively on Loudwire.

Watch the Fourth Attika 7 Teaser

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