Since April, we've been steadily releasing teasers for Attika 7, the new project featuring former Biohazard singer Evan Seinfeld. Now, we offer a taste of Attika 7's upcoming album, 'Blood of My Enemies' in a Loudwire exclusive premiere of the song ''Devil's Daughter.'

Along with Evan Seinfeld, Attika 7 consists of bassist Tony Campos (SoulflyMinistryStatic-X), famed motorcycle builder Rusty Coones and Dustin Schoenhofer (Walls of Jericho, Bury Your Dead).

In the fourth and final teaser from Attika 7, frontman Evan Seinfeld gave fans an inside look into the concept of 'Devil's Daughter.' "It's that sexy woman who steals your soul," says Seinfeld. "It's also anything to do with your soul. It's the drugs, it's the sex, it's the alcohol, it's the thing that takes you away -- the thing that takes the pain away."

'Devil's Daughter' revolves around the voice and lyrics of Seinfeld, who paints a visual picture of the concept. "Blood on my hands / She comes to wash the pain away / With a snakebite kiss / And the darkness of her gaze." Rusty Coones delivers a guitar lick with both the tone and pace reminiscent of Pantera's 'Walk,' while the bass and drums keep the track steady as a simple rhythm section.

'Blood of My Enemies' hits stores July 31. Check out the premiere of Attika 7's 'Devil's Daughter' below:

Listen to Attika 7, 'Devil's Daughter'

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