Audiotopsy premiered their song "Headshot" here at Loudwire earlier this year, and they're back, teaming up with Loudwire for the exclusive premiere of their new video for "The Calling."

The David Brodsky-directed clip centers on a young man sitting amidst a bunch of instruments on a stage, plotting out his future. But as the video continues we see the band members performing the song "The Calling" and what appears to be the young man all grown up and rocking. Looks like someone's found his calling.

Guitarist Greg Tribbett says, "What a great time we had making the video for 'The Calling' with director David Brodsky. He brought our vision to life." Meanwhile, drummer Matt McDonough offers, "Audiotopsy is proud to share our latest effort with the world. We hope you enjoy the video for 'The Calling' as much as we enjoyed making it."

"The Calling" is featured on Audiotopsy's Natural Causes album.  The disc is available via  Amazon and iTunes.