After more than one decade of inactivity, alt-metal icons Mudvayne officially announced their long-awaited reunion. There's no word on whether the band intends to record new music and, here, we look at all the albums that were released by the group's four members since entering their hiatus in 2010.

Every member — Chad Gray, Greg Tribbett, Ryan Martinie and Matt McDonough — remained busy over the last decade, some more so than others.

The most prolific of the Mudvayne foursome was vocalist Gray, who has appeared on each one of Hellyeah's six albums, the first three of which also starred guitarist Tribbett, who later linked back up with McDonough, who also dabbled in ambient/electronics music, in a new project.

Bassist Martinie was among the least active, though in the instances he did emerge, he showcased his dynamic abilities with music that was the most removed from Mudvayne's groundbreaking style.

In 2010, Mudvayne announced they would enter a period of hiatus as Gray and Tribbett were committed to recording and touring with Hellyeah. Once Tribbett was fired from Hellyeah in 2014, countless fans saw this as a sign that a Mudvayne reunion was increasingly improbable, especially considering that he was terminated due to a "toxic situation" within the band (bassist Bob 'Bobzilla' Kakaha was also dismissed at the same time).

But, here they are, reunited and ready to hit the stage in 2021.

Let's look back on everything those four have been up to in the meantime.

All The Albums Released by Mudvayne Members Since Their 2010 Hiatus

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