Mudvayne's Chad Gray thinks Motley Crue should "just bow it" after discussing how much of an influence they had on him when he was young.

During a recent conversation on The Jesea Lee Show, the Mudvayne frontman praised Motley Crue early records, citing their first two — 1981's Too Fast for Love and '83's Shout at the Devil — as the albums that had the biggest impact on him when he was young.

Motley Crue's Influence on Gray

"That opening riff to fucking 'Live Wire' was, like, 'What?' Like I said, I had a familiarity with music — I knew music and I knew good music — but that shit was just, like — it bit me. It fucking bit me," the vocalist said.

From there Gray got into heavier types of metal, especially thrash. So when Crue released Theatre of Pain in '85, Gray was not impressed, because according to him, they lost a bit of their metal imagery and started dressing more like a glam group than a metal one.

However, he still called "Home Sweet Home" "timeless," and commended Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars for their musicianship and songwriting abilities.

Gray Thinks Motley Crue Should 'Just Bow Out'

As much of an impact as Crue had on Gray growing up, he doesn't exactly love the dynamic of the band today. Lee mentioned Mars' willingness to work with Motley Crue again someday, to which Gray responded, "I mean at this point dude, I would just bow out."

"It's not the same, dude," he continued. "I'm not the guy that fucking like just wants to sit and talk shit, but I have, unfortunately. It hits me in such a pure place, and to see it just kind of turn into fucking whatever because it was such a big part of my life, and so it's hard for me to watch."

Gray on the Members of Motley Crue's Abilities

Gray doesn't think the whole band should hang it up — he complimented Tommy Lee's ability to still play the drums well, calling him a "beast." And he further added that he understands why it's difficult for singers to deliver the same performance as they get older.

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"You lose some of your register and frequency, your pitch will drop. That's just fucking nature. 'Cause it has with me — my resonant pitch has definitely dropped. I can still get up there, but it's weird," he explained.

"My register break is a little bit lower and different. So, it does happen, but it's just, like, come on, man."

See the full interview below.

Mudvayne's Chad Gray Thinks Motley Crue Should 'Just Bow Out' Without Mick Mars

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