August Burns Red are in the midst of their exhaustive 10th anniversary tour for their Leveler album and while they're looking toward their distant past on the road, their new single "Vengeance" reflects on the last 18 tumultuous months across the globe. And, damn, is it an all-time heavy one from the metalcore veterans.

"Earlier this year, we set out to write a standalone single that was fast, heavy, and concise. 'Vengeance' is that song. It's ABR at our most raw," said the band of this brutalizing track.

"Vengeance" packs a ton of rage and offers plenty of lyrical perspective across it's sub-three-minute runtime, letting it rip from the jump with unhinged blast beats before settling into a dynamic tug-of-war between choppy rhythms and melodic overtones.

Regarding the message, August Burns Red called for unity and an end to tireless division. "The song speaks about how much meaner the last 18 months seem to have made everyone," they said. "There is a lack of compassion and understanding for others, and we should be doing all we can to bring that back into our lives."

Listen to "Vengeance" below and catch August Burns Red on the remaining dates of their anniversary tour alongside Fit For a King, Erra and Like Moths to Flames. The run comes to an end on Halloween (Oct. 31) in New Jersey.

August Burns Red, "Vengeance" Lyrics

This is all out war
We’re embarking on a revenge tour
Everyone has a new conviction
We’re shocked by those who fell victim

Men who grew up with only allies
Have abandoned being civilized
They raise their fist not questioning why
Disagreements leave you crucified

Nightmare, nightmare brought to existence
We’re in a place we never wanted to be in
Nightmare, nightmare this is how we’re living
Crisis combined with endless catastrophe
Testing the limits of adversity

Will we land on the right side of history
The only way back is through the thorns
We’re cut and bleeding
We’ll stop the grieving
But first we’ll need to stand and take a beating

An eye for an eye, a bullet to the chest
We have no peace because we have no respect
An eye for an eye, a bullet to the chest
This year changed how we carry out vengeance

August Burns Red, "Vengeance"

August Burns Red, 'Vengeance'
ABR Records

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